Custom club stripe tie made by the Leidsche Das.

A club stripe tie made in your club’s signature style.

We create custom neckwear in exclusive designs for clubs. Distinctive club ties custom woven in a custom tie design, bearing the club’s colors.

The Leidsche Das has years of experience in supplying unique quality ties to (sports) clubs in and outside Europe.

Let us create a club tie for you using your club colors and crests.

Since we do not work with standard templates, the design possibilities for your club ties are almost unlimited.

Take a look at the bespoke club tie options.

The designing process of your club stripe tie.

Our in-house tie designers start the design process with a blank canvas and will create a first tie design based on your requirements.

Club tie stripe pattern, club colors, club crest & fabric material and weaving texture.

We create your club tie in the pattern you want, whether you want a club tie in a solid color or a striped club tie with the desired width of stripes and lines, and how varied the repeat pattern is.

Club tie colors.

Most likely you want the colors (Pantone numbers) you use in the house-style of your club reflected in the tie design.

Do you absolutely have no clue what the color numbers are, then our tie designers will choose the best matching color options in consultation with you.

Club crest and/or club name positions.

In addition to the standard options such as your club crest and/or text placed at the tip of the tie or a centered position, under the knot, or all over logos, there are all kinds of variations possible during the design process.

In short, your club crest and/or text can be placed in any position you want!

Material options for your tailor-made club stripe tie.

  • High-quality microfiber.
  • 100% silk.

We can weave the fabric of your club ties in high-quality microfiber and in 100% silk.

When you read the word microfiber, the first association you have is probably a cleaning cloth and not a tie!

Silk ties are often considered the best option and we certainly agree, as silk remains the finest material to make ties from.

After silk, microfiber is the finest and highest quality material to make ties from, but at a much lower price.

Depending on the end users, we often advise our customers to have the fabric of the ties woven in microfiber.

Examples of the sectors where we recommend microfiber are those where durability and easy to clean ties are needed such as ties for the hospitality industry, staff uniform ties, school uniform ties etc.

When you have ties made in microfiber, you get a tie with the same luxurious look as silk, with the added benefit of microfiber’s durability and stain resistance.

The weave texture options for your club stripe tie.

Fabric weave options are in a flat weave texture or repp weave texture.

  • Flatweave.
  • Vertical weave ribs.
  • Horizontal weave ribs.
  • Diagonal parallel weave ribs.
  • Diagonal perpendicular weave ribs.

In addition to the smooth/flat weave texture, you can also have the fabric woven with ribs, called repp tie.

The word repp refers to the repeating woven ribbing of the fabric, regardless of the pattern. It is often assumed that a repp tie is a tie with stripes but also the fabric of a tie woven in a solid color can be in a repp weave.

Left an example of a tie woven with diagonal perpendicular weave ribs and right a tie in flatweave.

We have no doubt that you have some own ideas and requirements, so feel free to fill in the fields below and tell our tie designers more about your needs.

Tie design request form.


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    Our prices for a custom made club stripe tie in microfiber and silk.

    If you’re considering having ties made for your club, you’ll want to have an idea of the cost beforehand, so first check out our prices.

    First, we show you what is included in our pricing.

    • Free tie design service.
    • No start-up cost.
    • We do not charge extra for using multiple colors.
    • No additional charge for adding text, logo, or recurring logos, stripes, or lines.

    Prices quoted in the currency Euro, US Dollars, and British Pounds.

    Our minimum order quantity for custom designed and woven ties in microfiber are 50 ties.

    Custom necktie pricesEuroUSDGBPHigh-quality microfiber
    50 - 99€ 11,98$ 13,55 £ 10,80Price per piece
    100 - 199€ 9,60$ 10,90£ 8,65Price per piece
    200 - 299€ 8,35$ 9,45£ 7,55Price per piece
    300 Plus€ 7,15$ 8,10£ 6,50Price per piece

    Our minimum order quantity for custom designed and woven ties in silk are 35 ties.

    Custom silk necktie pricesEuroUSDGBP100% silk
    35 - 64€ 24,90$ 28,25£ 22,45Price per piece
    65 - 99€ 22,65$ 25,70£ 20,50Price per piece
    100 - 199€ 19,10$ 21,65£ 17,20Price per piece
    200 - 299€ 17,10$ 19,35£ 15,40Price per piece
    300 Plus price on request
    The production time we need to make your personalized club ties.

    The production process of your tailor-made club ties takes four to eight weeks. (depending on the number of custom tie orders we have in production)

    As soon as we have received your final approval for the club tie design, we will send you the definitive quotation.

    Upon receipt of payment, we will start the weaving process of the fabric of your club ties.

    Please note that we do not accept rush orders for custom woven club ties!

    We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your club tie design with you. Feel free to contact us.

    Woven ties in your club style, ties in your club colors and with the crest of the club plus repeating text

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