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Custom made cufflinks, neckties & bow ties by the Leidsche Das.

Custom made cufflinks in your personalized design, Cufflinks with a crest, logo or coat of arms

Custom made cufflinks.

Cufflinks custom made in your personalized cufflinks design for your company, club, or organization. From 15 pairs it is already possible to have custom cufflinks made in your own personalized design.

We design and manufacture cufflinks for a wide range of customers such as companies, (sports) clubs, organizations, student fraternities, local governments, and the army.

But of course also cufflinks for a special occasion such as a lustrum, anniversary, wedding or gala.

Having cufflinks made for your company is a stylish and excellent business gift that will be appreciated by the recipient.

Do you want to order custom made cufflinks?

Then please Contact Our Free Cufflinks Design Service and share your wishes and ideas for the design with our skilled cufflinks designers.

Our cufflinks designers will be happy to guide you through the design process and will assist you in creating a unique cufflinks design.

Custom made cufflinks with matching custom made neckties.

If you also want to have neckties or bow ties made in the same design as your cufflinks, you can indicate this at our design department.

Custom made neckties and bow ties made in a custom design.

We also design and produce custom woven neckties and bow ties. The materials in which we can weave the fabric of your neckties and bow ties are in; 1- in high-quality microfiber and in 2- in 100% silk.

The minimum order quantity for custom made neckties and bow ties woven in high-quality microfiber is 50 pieces.

For custom made neckties and bow ties in 100% silk, the minimum order quantity is 35 pieces.

We have no limited standard pattern templates to choose from and we do not print or embroider prefabricated neckties or bow ties.

Our starting point is the design process.

Communication between you and our designers is essential during the design process so give our designers as much information as possible about your wishes and ideas for the design to be made for your neckties or bow ties.

During the design process of your ties, you have the following choices, the length and width of your ties, the color(s) of the yarn used, custom-designed pattern, the weaving structure of the fabric and the position or positions of your logo, coat of arms, image and/or text.

If you want to have neckties or bow ties designed and made go to;

Necktie Free Design Service.

Bow tie Free Design Service.

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