Cufflinks made to your own specifications by the Leidsche Das.

Regiment Cufflinks Custom Made

Cufflinks with your crest, logo, or coat of arms custom made in your personalized design.

Are you looking for someone who can make those special cufflinks in the design you are aiming for?

Our company name clearly indicates what we do and produce. If you want to have cufflinks made in a personalized design, it will not surprise you that we can be of service to you with our years of experience in creating custom-made cufflinks.

Custom-designed cufflinks are extra special for occasions like an anniversary, event, or gala as a lasting memory. Your club or association members will wear them with pride and for companies, they are an excellent business gift or promotional tool with your company logo.

On this page, you will find all the relevant information you need to have cufflinks made in a personalized design.

The minimum order quantity for custom-made cufflinks is 15 sets.

We regularly receive requests for lower quantities. Here we must disappoint you because our production is not set up/equipped to produce less than 15 sets per order.

The design process of your personalized cufflinks.

An important part of the whole process is of course the design process. During this process, you can make use of the expertise of our experienced in-house designers.

Get your design process going by using our free design service.

As an example of the design process. We received a picture of a museum store in Italy with the request to design a cufflink based on the mosaic floor.

Whether you already have an existing design or just a rough idea, fill out the design request web form, and provide our designers with as much information as possible about your specific requirements.

On this web form, you also have the possibility to add an image or logo.

Upon receipt of your design request, our designers will start the design process and use your specified wishes from the design request form to create an initial cufflinks design for you.

When the custom design is ready, it will be sent to you for review. If you would like to have any changes made, please feel free to contact our design department.

Please note: according to our company policy, our designers will not contact you to ask what you think of the design. If we don’t get a response to the design we made for you, we will remove the design from our files after 2 weeks.

Design contact page; Cufflinks Free Design Service.

We are in a position to create your cufflinks in any shape, design, or color you require.

The prices for custom-made cufflinks.

We like to be clear about our prices. We also dislike it when we order something and are confronted with unexpected extra costs during the process.

Our prices include a free design service and includes the production of the mold.

The prices below apply to most orders. In some cases, there are additional costs, but we will inform you about those costs beforehand. Examples of those costs are using both gold plate and silver plate and mirrored cufflinks.

Cufflinks prices quantity (from)Euro            USD           GBP
15 up to 29 sets – price per set€ 15,90      $ 18,10        £ 14.30
30 up to 49 sets  – price per set€ 12,90      $ 14,65         £ 11,60
50 up to 99 sets  – price per set€ 10,90      $ 12,40         £ 9,85
100 Sets and upwardsPrice on request

The standard storage boxes.

Your cufflinks sets will be delivered in a standard storage box as shown below. If you want more luxurious or personalized packaging please contact us about the possibilities and prices.

Shipping costs.

Our prices include free shipping for most countries in Europe. For customers outside Europe, depending on the destination, additional shipping costs may apply.

The time we need to make your custom-made cufflinks.

Once we have received your approval for the created design, we will send you a final quote. After receipt of payment, we will start the production.

We give our full attention to every order we manufacture. The delivery time therefore strongly depends on the number of ongoing productions at the time you place your order.

In general, we can indicate that the production time is two to four weeks, from start to finish.

You will be kept informed of the progress during the production process.

We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your design with you. Feel free to contact us, we will respond to your message within 24 hours.

Custom Personalized Cufflinks customized to your own Design

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