Custom Lapel Pins made in your personalized design.

Custom Lapel Pins
Custom Lapel Pins for Rowing Tournament, Bosbaan Amsterdam

Pricing for Custom Lapel Pins made to your Design.

Ordering custom made Lapel Pins is already possible from 30 pins.

We keep our prices as clear as possible, with no hidden costs. Our prices include, the production of the mold free design and free shipping within Europe. For customers outside of Europe, additional charges may apply for shipping costs. Please contact us.

Prices for personalized lapel pins are as follows, if you want to receive prices in another currency, please contact us:

Quantity (from) Price per lapel pinEURO        USD          GBP
30  Lapel Pins€ 3,95        $ 4,50        £ 3,55
50  Lapel Pins€ 3,00        $ 3,45        £ 2,70
100  Lapel Pins€ 2,40        $ 2,75        £ 2,15
300 pluson request

These prices apply for most orders. In some cases there are additional costs but we will inform you about those costs beforehand. An example of those costs is using both gold plate and silver plate.

Our design department will be happy to assist you with realizing a unique lapel pins design, matching the look of your company, organization, society or (sports)club. We strive to create a unique design that meets your requirements.

We make the design for your custom lapel pins free of charge and without further obligations. Our  experienced designers will continue designing until the design is to your complete satisfaction, and how you envisioned it.

Curious about the many possibilities? Contact us and we will happy assist you with the design.

Once i have ordered, how long will it take before i receive my order?

Production & Delivery time for custom lapel pins.

If the lapel pins design has been approved by you and the invoice is paid, then our atelier starts with the production.

The production process of your custom lapel pins takes only two to four weeks. After our last quality control we send your order by courier.

We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your custom lapel pins design with you. Feel free to contact us, we will respond to your message within 24 hours.