Design your ties in your own style at the Leidsche Das.

Design your ties in your own personalized tie design, custom made neckties

Design your ties for your company, club, or organization.

Our experienced design team will be happy to help you create a unique tie design free of charge and without further obligations.

If you want us to design your ties, our designers need to have an idea of your wishes in order to make the first design for you.

Below you will find all relevant information if you want to have ties made like the options for the colors, logo and/or text, custom pattern, material, and weaving structure.

In order to be able to make a first tie design for you, we need you to fill out the following web form; Free Tie Design Request.

The color options for your custom woven ties.

The design of your neckties will be made in the color(s) of your choice whether you want to have your neckties made in a solid color or with multiple colors.

We do not differentiate in the price for the number of colors you want to have incorporated in your tie.

The possibilities to add a logo and/or text when we design your ties.

You can indicate that you wish to add a logo or text to your design.

The logo or text can be placed on the standard positions such as under the knot, in the middle at the tip, or all over.

Your logo or text in a different position than the indicated standard positions! This is always possible during the design process, your neckties will be made in your desired design.

The standard logo positions.

Design your ties in a custom pattern.

Below are some examples of tie patterns. The pattern can be designed and made the way you want it.

Everything is possible the stripes from bottom left to top right or from the bottom right to top left or horizontally. The width of the stripes or lines, the number of stripes or lines, and their spacing.

Below some examples of custom tie patterns.

The materials with which we make ties.

The choice of materials in which you can have your ties made are in 100% silk and in high-quality microfiber.

The choice of the weaving structure when we design your ties.

When having your ties designed, you also have the choice of the weaving structure such as.

1. Flatweave structure.

2. Horizontal ripple weave structure.

3. Vertical ripple weave structure.

4. Diagonal parallel ripple weave structure.

5. Diagonal perpendicular ripple weave structure.

Example diagonal perpendicular ripple weave structure.

Weave structure custom ties, design your ties and have them made in your personalized design

We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your necktie design with you. Feel free to contact us, we will respond to your message within 24 hours.

Design your ties with logo in your own personal design