Gallery custom made cufflinks, bow ties, and neckties made to order by the Leidsche Das.

Gallery of Custom Ties & Cufflinks with your Logo

We design and manufacture custom made cufflinks, bow ties, and neckties for companies, (student) associations, (sports) clubs, organizations, government institutions, political parties, army regiments,  fraternities, and societies.

Gallery custom made cufflinks with logo.

Personalized cufflinks with your crest, logo or coat of arms, gallery cufflinks ties

Custom made bow ties as self-tie & pre-tied.

Gallery custom made neckties with logo.

We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your cufflinks or tie design with you. Feel free to contact us, we will respond to your message within 24 hours.


Gallery Custom Made Cufflinks, Bow ties, Neckties