Neckties custom made by the Leidsche Das.

Neckties in striped pattern with logo custom made

Custom neckties in your personalized tie design.

Ties and bowties with your crest, logo, or coat of arms made in the pattern, colors, and design you require.

Custom-designed and tailor-made men’s neckwear for your company, organization, association, or (sports) club.

We create handmade neckties and bow ties for which we weave the fabric according to your personal design wishes. We do not print or embroider ties!

The most beautiful end result and the highest quality we strive for is achieved by weaving the fabric for your ties.

Another positive aspect of custom weaving is that you don’t have a limited choice of standard tie templates to choose from. We start the tie design process with a blank canvas.

Why should you consider having custom-made neckties or bow ties made?

Research shows that clothing and other appearances for 93% determine the first impression, only 7% depends on what you say.

Company ties made in your corporate identity are a perfect way to represent your company. A tie is a real eye-catcher and if you are a business owner or marketing man/woman, you know that an employee’s first contact with your customers is key.

By having company ties made, you distinguish yourself from your competitors by creating a professional image for your employees.

A well-made, high-quality company tie will be worn by your staff with pride and will ensure uniformity and a representative appearance of your company.

Custom made neckties or bow ties as a sign of membership.

For club or association members a tie in the colors and with the logo of the club is a tie that directly indicates what the wearer stands for and a tie that is worn with pride, club love, and commitment.

The design process for your neckties and bow ties.

First of all, it is good to mention that we have a free design service! Our in-house skilled designers with years of experience in creating custom designs for neckties and bow ties are ready to work with you to create a unique design based on your wishes.

Upon receipt of your design request, our designers will start the design process and use your specified wishes from the design request form to create the first design for you.

When the design is ready, it will be sent to you for evaluation. Would like to have adjustments made to the received design, feel free to contact us.

It is our company policy not to contact you if we do not receive a response from you to the sent draft. In that case, the design created for you will be removed from our files after 2 weeks.

Would you like to have neckties or bow ties made?

Below you will find all relevant links to the pages on our website. Info pages that are of interest to you, such as prices and design requests.

Prices custom made ties and bowties.

Neckties custom made in microfiber and 100% silk – Page necktie prices.

Bow ties custom made in microfiber and 100% silk – Page bow tie prices.

Free design requests for neckties and bow ties.

Neckties design request – Page free design request necktie.

Bow ties design request – Page free design request bow tie.

Online Design Studio for neckties.

You can make use of our free necktie design service. Another option is to try out some necktie design options yourself in our online design studio.

The online design studio is only for designing ties, we are currently working on a version for bow ties.

Click image to enter our online necktie design studio


Once I’ve ordered, how long will it take to receive my personalized ties?

Supplier of tailor-made neckties, personalized neckties woven in your custom made design

The time we need to make your neckties or bow ties.

After completion of the design process and once we have received your approval for the tie design, we will send you a final quote. After receipt of payment, we will start weaving the fabric for your ties.

Every received order gets the attention it deserves, so the delivery time depends very much on the number of productions at the time of your order, but in general, we can indicate that the production time from start to finish is four to eight weeks.

During the production process, we will keep you informed of the progress.

We will be happy to discuss with you the many possibilities for your tie or bowtie design. Feel free to contact us, we will respond to your message within 24 hours.

Necktie with logo, unique personalized neckties woven in your customer-specific tie design

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