The viewpoint on embroidered ties by the Leidsche Das.

Custom woven ties or embroidered ties? Looking for custom logo ties that represent your organization! go for the quality of custom woven ties

Embroidered ties versus custom woven ties.

We are regularly asked if it is possible to embroider a tie with a logo.

First, we would like to mention that we do not print or embroider ties, at the Leidsche Das we weave the tie fabric in your personalized tie design.

The embroidering of ties is done by several suppliers, so the possibility is there, but embroidery has disadvantages, besides that we ourselves are not fans of embroidered ties.

The option you have is to go with your own tie to someone who has an embroidery machine or when you want larger numbers to a tie supplier who has an embroidery machine. With suppliers of embroidered ties, you can choose from a limited number of colors on which to embroider your logo. These ties are mass-produced of which we have had a number of them in our hands over time and our conclusion is that generally, the quality is tear-jerking.

Besides the quality, there is another disadvantage: when the tie is placed under the embroidery machine, the embroidery stitches go straight through the tie fabric so that the embroidery is also visible on the back of the tie. With a cap, this is not a problem. With a tie, it is very unsightly if the embroidery is also visible on the back.

Embroidered silk ties, our advice is definitely not to do this with silk ties. Don’t start silk is a fragile material, there is a risk of pulling the fabric apart.

Are printed ties an alternative for embroidered ties?

As mentioned before we do not print ties but weave the fabric to order for your handmade personalized ties.

Although printing techniques have improved tremendously in recent years, Still, as with embroidered ties, pre-fabricated ties are used. Now you could say that the well-known high-end tie brands also offer printed ties. This is true, but the difference is that they have the fabric woven to their high-quality standards, resulting in quality ties, although with a significant price tag.

Custom woven ties, printed or embroidered ties?

A legitimate question is why we don’t embroider or print ties the answer to that is very simple if we really could appreciate the end result we would definitely do it too.

Are you looking for ties that will represent your organization! Then our advice is: go for the quality of custom woven ties.

Want to have personalized ties made? At the bottom of this page, you will find a design request form. Please fill this out as detailed as possible with what your wishes are. Based on what you indicate on this form we will make the first draft of the design. For information on our pricing go to the page custom ties.

The minimum order quantity for tailor-made ties custom woven in 100% silk or in high-quality microfiber.

Tailor-made ties.Tie fabrics.Minimum Order Quantity From.
Woven tie fabric.High-quality microfiber.50 ties.
Woven tie fabric.100% silk.35 ties.

Check out the possibilities for your own design if you are in need of inspiration. Randomly placed customer-specific designed ties woven in silk and high-quality microfiber.

Fill out the design request form below and let our tie designers know what your wishes are.


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