Men’s bow ties custom made by the Leidsche Das.

Mens bow ties - Self-tie bow tie custom made in your personalized bowtie design

Men’s bow ties personalized.

Bow ties made in your own personalized bowtie design will accentuate your personal style on business, formal or informal occasions.

The reasons, but certainly also the way in which you can have personalized bow ties made, are diverse.

If you want to have personalized bow ties made, you have the following three options. The first option is to have them printed, the second option is to have them embroidered, and the third option is what we specialize in, and these are custom woven bow ties.

So you can see that there are several possibilities to personalize your bow ties, but as you can see we are not active in the field of printing and embroidery of bow ties.

If you would ask us for advice on which option you should choose from, we will of course “preach for our own parish”, but there are also very good arguments to go for the quality of custom woven bow ties because of the differences between the options are significant.

For the first two options, prefabricated bow ties will be used! Which limits your possibilities in terms of design, colors, and patterns. By choosing the third option (custom woven), you create the possibility for yourself to have a completely custom bow tie made.

The free design process for our custom-made men’s bow ties.

Mens bow ties personalized, self-tied bowties in your custom made bowtie design

Our designers will start the design process with a blank screen, and they will use your specified wishes to create the first design for you.

After you have received a first mock-up of the created design, they will wait for your reaction and will not contact you. If you want adjustments to be made to the design, please feel free to contact us.

In the case that we do not receive a response from you on the design made for you, we remove the design from our files after 2 weeks.

Would you like to have bow ties made for your association or club members as a sign of membership? Contact our design department.

Aren’t custom woven men’s bow ties many times more expensive than the other two options?

Check out our prices for custom woven bow ties and compare them with the two other options on the internet and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Below you will find our pricing for custom woven men’s bow ties made in the following materials. Bow ties made in high-quality microfiber and in 100% silk. We apply the same prices for a custom-made self-tie and pre-tied bow tie.

We charge no start-up costs and the prices include making the bow tie design.

Prices of custom-made bow ties in high-quality microfiber.

Quantity (from) Price per bow tieEURO           USD            GBP
50 – 99 Custom bow ties€ 11,98        $ 13,55         £ 10,80
100 – 199 Custom bow ties€ 9,60          $ 10,90         £ 8,65
200 – 299 Custom bow ties€ 8,35          $ 9,45           £ 7,55
300 Plus custom bow ties€ 7,15          $ 8,10           £ 6,50

Prices of custom-made bow ties in 100% silk.

Quantity (from) Price per bow tieEURO              USD           GBP
35 – 64 Custom silk bow ties€ 23,95           $ 27,15       £ 21,55
65 – 99 Custom silk bow ties€ 21,70           $ 24,60       £ 19,50
100 – 199 Custom silk bow ties€ 18,10           $ 20,55       £ 16,25
200 – 299 Custom silk bow ties€ 16,10           $ 18,25       £ 14,45
300 Plus custom silk bow tiesPrice on request

Of course, silk bow ties guarantee a luxurious look, and although silk is still the most beautiful material to make bow ties from, an excellent alternative to a silk bow tie is a bow tie made of high-quality microfiber.

Mens bow ties made for men's association in a personalized bowtie design

Would you like to consult one of our experienced designers about the possibilities for your own design? Feel free to contact us.

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