The Leidsche Das is the specialist for your custom neckties and bow ties.

Creating personalized neckwear for men is what we do. Men’s neckwear in custom designs for companies. clubs or organizations.

Are you looking for printed or embroidered ties? Then we can’t help you, we prefer the quality of custom woven ties.

We supply traditional handmade personalized neckwear made by skilled craftsmen. Neckties and bow ties in custom-woven fabric.

Are you interested and do you want to have ties made to match the look of your organization?

Contact our design department by filling out the design request form on this page.

For information on price, material, minimum order, and our manufacturing time check out the pages below.

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    A few examples of custom-designed ties in microfiber & silk.

    Some examples of custom-designed self-tie and pre-tied bow ties in microfiber & silk.

    Feel free to contact our in-house design department. We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your personalized design with you.

    Specialist in tailor-made ties, personalized custom made ties for companies, clubs and organizations

    Specialist in tailor-made ties the Leidsche Das.

    The Leidsche Das is a Dutch company located in the historic city of Leiden in The Netherlands and we design and manufacture neckties and bow ties in personalized designs.

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