Weave texture options at the Leidsche Das.

The options for the weave texture of your custom-made ties.

The image above is an example of a diagonal perpendicular woven blue tie with repeating logos and white lines in microfiber.

Given the topic of this blog, you will understand that we custom weave the fabric for personalized ties to the design created.

Since we love quality ties ourselves we do not embroider or print them!

We create ties in personalized tie designs for companies, clubs and all kinds of organizations.

Our in-house tie designers at the Leidsche Das do not work with standard tie templates, so the design possibilities are almost unlimited.

The custom tie weaving options listed below, from numbers 2 through 5, are better known as repp ties.

  1. Flatweave.
  2. Vertical weaved ribbings.
  3. Horizontal weaved ribbings.
  4. Diagonal parallel weaved ribbings.
  5. Diagonal perpendicular weaved ribbings.

In addition to the flat/smooth weave, you can choose to have the fabric weaved with ribbings the so-called repp tie.

It is often thought that a repp tie indicates that it is a tie with a striped pattern. However, this is not the case the acronym repp refers to the repeating woven ribs of the fabric, regardless of the pattern.

This means that a tie woven in a solid color can also be a repp tie.

Do you want to know what we charge for custom-made ties woven in microfiber or in silk and what the minimum order quantity is? Visit the page for custom tie pricing.

Check out the options for custom tie designs in the various weaves in microfiber and 100% silk.

How to order personalized ties in your preferred weave?

Step one is always to contact our design team first. You can do this by filling out the form below.

We assume that you have some requirements of your own for the design. For example the colors you would like to see reflected in the design or for the stripe pattern and whether or not to add a crest, logo or text.

Fill out the form and let our tie designers know what your wishes are.

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