Bowtie designer the Leidsche Das.

What can the Leidsche Das do for you as a bowtie designer and manufacturer?

We create personalized bowtie designs based on the customers’ requirements, which we produce after approval of the bowtie design.

At the Leidsche Das, we do not print or embroider bowties! We custom weave the fabric to achieve the highest quality and finest end result. The bowtie design process starts from scratch with a blank canvas and the initial design is created based on the requirements you have indicated on the design request form.

Our bowtie designers will be happy to assist you with realizing a unique bowtie design, matching the look of your company, organization, society, or (sports) club.

The materials in which we weave the bowtie fabric are 100% silk and the best and most beautiful alternative to silk, high-quality microfiber.

We apply a minimum order quantity as listed below for microfiber and silk.

Customized Self-tie & Pre-tied Bowties.Fabric.Minimum Order Quantity.
Bowtie fabric/yarn.High-quality microfiber.50 bowties (self-tie or pre-tied)
Bowtie fabric/yarn.100% silk.35 bowties (self-tie or pre-tied)

How to contact a bowtie designer?

Below the price tables, you will find a design request form to contact our bowtie designers.

Pricing custom bowties.

What is included in our pricing besides our free bowtie design service? We do not charge any start-up costs or extra fees for using multiple colors or for adding e.g. an image, text, or repeating logos stripes or lines.

Personalized bowties (self-tie & pre-tied) in microfiber.

Pricing custom bow ties self-tie & pre-tied.Euro.US dollars.English pounds.
Price per bow tie in microfiber.
50 – 99 Custom bow ties€ 11,98 $ 13,55 £ 10,80
100 – 199 Custom bow ties€ 9,60 $ 10,90£ 8,65
200 – 299 Custom bow ties€ 8,35$ 9,45 £ 7,55
300 Plus custom bow ties€ 7,15$ 8,10 £ 6,50

Personalized bowties (self-tie & pre-tied) in silk.

Pricing custom bow ties self-tie & pre-tied.Euro.US dollars.English pounds.
Price per bow tie in silk.
35 – 64 Custom silk bow ties€ 23,95 $ 27,15£ 21,55
65 – 99 Custom silk bow ties€ 21,70 $ 24,60£ 19,50
100 – 199 Custom silk bow ties€ 18,10 $ 20,55£ 16,25
200 – 299 Custom silk bow ties€ 16,10 $ 18,25£ 14,45
300 Plus custom silk bow ties price on request.

Contact a bowtie designer.

Fill out the design request form below and let our bowtie designers know what your wishes are.

Bowtie design request form.


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    We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your custom bowtie design with you. Feel free to contact us.

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