Business logo ties and logo cufflinks made by the Leidsche Das.

Custom Made Business Logo Ties with Custom Logo Cufflinks

Custom business logo ties with matching logo cufflinks custom made in your corporate identity.

A uniform look creates a professional image for your business. Create a professional appearance for your employee’s with custom-designed logo ties or custom logo cufflinks.

Increase customer confidence in your business with custom-designed ties or cufflinks that reflect the identity of your business.

Do you want to have a custom design made? Then we invite you to Contact our Free Design Service.

Some examples of custom-designed and made logo ties and cufflinks.

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Manufacturer of Custom Made Neckties
We are a Dutch company located in the historic city of Leiden in the Netherlands and we design and manufacture custom made cufflinks and high quality woven custom made neckties and bow ties in silk and microfiber.

Our customers are companies, army, schools, colleges, the hospitality industry,  universities, organizations, (sports)clubs, fraternities, societies, governments, and political parties.

About the Leidsche Das

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