Personalized cufflinks for men made by the Leidsche Das.

Custom cufflinks for your company, (sports) club, or organization.

The minimum order quantity for ordering custom-designed cufflinks is 15 custom sets

Your custom-designed cufflinks can be custom-made in the material options shown below.

  1. Soft enamel.
  2. Hard enamel.
  3. Engraved.
  4. Silver-plated.
  5. Gold-plated.
  6. Mirrored.

The time we need to make your custom-designed cufflinks.

  • We will send you the definitive quotation at the moment we received your final approval for the design.
  • Upon receipt of your payment, we will start with the production.
  • Please note that our production time is generally four weeks. We would like to point out in advance that requests for a faster delivery or rush orders will not be honored!

Want to have a personal design made based on your wishes? Under the displayed price lists is a button that directs you to the design request form.

But first, our pricing & what is included in our prices?

Our prices include a free design service.

We also do not charge any start-up costs or extra fees for the mold. Furthermore, the price also includes a standard cufflink storage box as shown below.

If you want a more luxurious or personalized packaging please contact us about the possibilities and prices.

Our price lists for custom-made cufflinks are in the currencies, Euro, US dollars, and English pounds.

Price quoted in Euro.

Pricing custom cufflinks in Euro.Price per set in Euro
15 up to 29 sets€ 15,90 
30 up to 49 sets€ 12,90 
50 up to 99 sets€ 10,90 
100 Plus setsPrice on request

Price quoted in US dollars.

Pricing custom cufflinks in US dollars.Price per set in US dollars.
15 up to 29 sets$ 18,10 
30 up to 49 sets$ 14,65 
50 up to 99 sets$ 12,40 
100 Plus setsPrice on request

Price quoted in English pounds.

Pricing custom cufflinks in English pounds.Price per set in English pounds.
15 up to 29 sets£ 14.30
30 up to 49 sets£ 11,60
50 up to 99 sets£ 9,85
100 Plus setsPrice on request

We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your custom-made design with you. Feel free to contact our cufflinks designers.

Want to complete your stylish outfit with a necktie in a matching design?

We are a Dutch company located in the historic city of Leiden in the Netherlands and we design and manufacture cufflinks & high quality woven bespoke neckties and bow ties in silk and microfiber for companies, army regiments, schools, colleges, universities, organizations, (sports)clubs, fraternities, societies, local governments, and political parties.

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