Custom design made by the Leidsche Das.

Cufflinks in your personalized custom design, logo & crest cufflinks

Do you need a custom design for your cufflinks or ties?

We specialize in designing and making custom made cufflinks, neckties, and bow ties in a personalized design for companies, organizations, and clubs.

Feel free to contact our design department if you would like to have cufflinks, neckties, or bow ties made in your personal design.

The first custom design is made based on the information you provide on the design request form.

Do you want a unique personalized design for your company, club or organization? Please contact us via the following website links.

Cufflinks free design request

Necktie free design request

Bow tie free design request

Below you will find links to the relevant website pages where you can find our pricing, minimum order quantities, and delivery times.

Cufflinks prices

Necktie prices

Bow tie prices

Curious about the many possibilities? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you with the design.

Personalized neckties made in a custom design



Free Custom Design for your Cufflinks and Ties