How to order your custom logo ties made by the Leidsche Das.

How to order custom ties - Custom woven neckties in your own custom necktie design

How to order ties in a personalized tie design.

Personalized neckties and bow ties can be made and ordered in the following materials; Custom weaved in high-quality microfiber and in 100% silk.

The minimum order quantity for custom-made ties in high-quality microfiber is 50 ties. The minimum order quantity for custom-made ties in 100% silk is 35 ties.

Neckties custom-made – price information page.

Bow ties custom-made – price information page.

First of all, as you will understand, a design must be made that meets your needs and how do you do that?

Step 1 how to order – the design process.

We want our customers to be satisfied with the final tie design, so we offer the design process as a free service.

Please fill in the design request form below with as much information about your requirements as possible.

On the basis of the wishes indicated in the application form, a first draft will be made and sent to you for evaluation.

Our designers will not contact you, so if you want to make any changes to the design, just contact us again.

Necktie web form – necktie free design request.

Bow tie web form – bow tie free design request.

Step 2 how to order –  ordering and production time for custom made ties.

In general, we can tell you in advance that from the moment you place your order with us until your ties are ready for shipment, it will take a minimum of four to a maximum of eight weeks.

After we have received your final approval for the tie design, we will send you the definitive quote. As soon as we have received the payment, we will start the weaving process of the fabric for your ties.

During the production process, you will be kept informed of the progress. Please note that we do not accept rush orders!

We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your tie design with you. Feel free to contact us, we will respond to your message within 24 hours.

Ties with Logo
We are a Dutch company located in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands and we design and manufacture custom made neckties and bow ties.

This explains the name of our company, the translation of the Dutch word Das into English is tie or necktie and we are in the historic city of Leiden so, therefore, the Leidsche Das.
How to order custom made neckties and bow ties in your personalized tie design
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