Custom necktie prices by the Leidsche Das.

Custom necktie prices for neckties made in your custom necktie design, personalized woven neckties

Custom necktie prices.

Our price table for personalized neckties custom woven in high-quality microfiber.

Custom necktie pricesEuroUSDGBPHigh-quality microfiber
50 - 99€ 11,98$ 13,55 £ 10,80Price per piece
100 - 199€ 9,60$ 10,90£ 8,65Price per piece
200 - 299€ 8,35$ 9,45£ 7,55Price per piece
300 Plus€ 7,15$ 8,10£ 6,50Price per piece

What’s all included in our pricing!

  • No design fees, prices include creating the necktie design.
  • We don’t charge set-up costs.
  • For use of multiple colors, we do not charge extra.
  • We don’t charge for adding text, one logo or recurring logos, or extra stripes or lines.
Custom necktie prices for custom woven neckties made in your personalized necktie design

The weave texture options of the fabric.

The fabric of your neckties can be woven in several different weaves.

  • Flat weave.
  • Vertical weave ribs.
  • Horizontal weave ribs.
  • Diagonal parallel weave ribs.
  • Diagonal perpendicular weave ribs.

Neckties woven with weave ribs are what we call a repp necktie. Most people think a repp necktie stands for a necktie with a striped pattern but actually, it has nothing to do with the pattern but with the weaving structure of the ribbings

.The word repp refers to the repetitive woven ribs of the fabric, no matter what pattern.

This means that a diagonally striped tie can be repp woven and that repp ties can be striped or in a solid color.

Would you rather have your neckties made in 100% silk, please go to the page custom-made silk neckties.

If you’ve still got questions! Feel free to contact us, we will respond to your message within 24 hours.

We are a Dutch company located in the historic city of Leiden in the Netherlands and we design and make custom woven neckties and bow ties in 100% silk and high-quality microfiber in personalized designs for companies, army regiments, schools, colleges, hospitality industry, universities, organizations, (sports)clubs, fraternities, societies, local governments, and political parties.

What’s included in the price if you want custom neckties made?

1 – No design fees, prices include creating the design of the necktie.
2 – We don’t charge set-up costs.
3 – For using multiple colors, we do not charge extra.
4 – We don’t charge for adding text, one logo or recurring logos, or stripes or lines.

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