Custom ties and bowties made by the Leidsche Das.

Ties in your custom tie design, personalized ties woven in 100% silk & high quality microfiber

Personalized ties & bowties in your custom made design.

The Leidsche Das is a dutch tie manufacturer that specializes in creating personalized designs for ties and bowties.

Custom woven with your crest, logo, or coat of arms, professionally designed and made at affordable and competitive prices.

When you order your custom made ties or bowties from the Leidsche Das, you can be sure that it is not a standard tie from stock that is printed or embroidered!

The design possibilities for your personalized ties are almost limitless because we weave the fabric specially tailored for each individual order.

Our design department will assist you with realizing a unique personalized tie design based on your wishes, matching the look of your company, club, or organization.

We create your personalized design free of charge and without further obligations.

If you want to have personalized ties or bowties made, you can find all relevant information on this page.

Fabric material custom ties & bowties.

We can make your personalized ties in 100% silk or high-quality microfiber.

Silk undoubtedly remains the most beautiful material to make ties with, but having your ties or bowties made in high-quality microfiber is also an excellent choice.

Microfiber ties are the more affordable alternative to silk but with the same elegant shine and luxurious look.

When you choose to have your ties made in high-quality microfiber, you certainly don’t compromise on quality.

How much do custom ties cost?

The prices include the creation of the tie design and we do not charge any start-up or set-up costs.

Our prices are quoted in the following currencies, Euros, US Dollars and British Pounds.

We start with our prices for customized ties woven in high-quality microfiber.

Quantity (from) and Price per tieEURO           USD            GBP
50 up to 99 Customized ties.€ 11,98       $ 13,55         £ 10,80
100 up to 199 Customized ties.€ 9,60         $ 10,90         £ 8,65
200 up to 299 Customized ties.€ 8,35         $ 9,45           £ 7,55
300 Plus Customized ties.€ 7,15         $ 8,10           £ 6,50

Prices for customized ties woven in 100% silk.

Quantity (from) and price per tieEURO           USD             GBP
35 up to 64 Customized silk ties.€ 24,90         $ 28,25        £ 22,45
65 up to 99 Customized silk ties.€ 22,65         $ 25,70        £ 20,50
100 up to 199 Customized silk ties.€ 19,10         $ 21,65        £ 17,20
200 up to 299 Customized silk ties.€ 17,10         $ 19,35        £ 15,40
300 Plus customized silk ties.Price on request

How much do custom bowties cost?

The prices for the customized self-tie and pre-tied bowties are same-priced.

We start with our prices for customized bowties woven in high-quality microfiber.

Quantity (from) Price per bowtieEURO           USD            GBP
50 up to 99 Customized bowties.€ 11,98        $ 13,55         £ 10,80
100 up to 199 Customized bowties.€ 9,60          $ 10,90         £ 8,65
200 up to 299 Customized bowties.€ 8,35          $ 9,45           £ 7,55
300 Plus customized bowties.€ 7,15          $ 8,10           £ 6,50

Prices for customized bowties woven in 100% silk.

Quantity (from) Price per bowtieEURO              USD           GBP
35 – 64 Customized silk bowties€ 23,95           $ 27,15       £ 21,55
65 – 99 Customized silk bowties€ 21,70           $ 24,60       £ 19,50
100 – 199 Customized silk bowties€ 18,10           $ 20,55       £ 16,25
200 – 299 Customized silk bowties€ 16,10           $ 18,25       £ 14,45
300 Plus Customized silk bowtiesPrice on request

The design process of your custom ties & bowties.

You will undoubtedly have some ideas and requirements of your own for the design.

You can upload an image on this web form.

Fill in the fields below and tell our designers more about your requirements.

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    Send us your logo, or other images

    Our production time for custom ties & bowties.

    When we have received your confirmation of the tie design, we will send you the final quotation. As soon as we have received the payment from you, we will start the production of your ties.

    In general, the entire production process of your custom made ties or bowties takes four to eight weeks.

    During the production process, you will be kept informed of the progress. Please note that we do not accept rush orders!

    Neckties in your custom necktie design, personalized neckties for clubs and companies

    If you’ve still got questions! Feel free to contact us, we will respond to your message within 24 hours.

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