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Custom woven logo neckties made by the Leidsche Das.
Personalized custom woven logo neckties with your crest, logo or coat of arms, custom made ties

Personalized custom woven logo neckties.

We sometimes receive the question of whether we also print our ties and the answer is a simple one, no.

We weave the fabric custom to your design by doing this you have the choice among other things of the color(s) of the yarn used, the pattern, the weaving structure, and the position(s) of your logo and/or text.

If you order printed ties, you choose a standard pre-fabricated tie of the shelf that is then printed with your company logo or club logo or text.

A tie is a real eye-catcher and the first impression you give as a company, club, organization or business cannot be redone.

Research shows that clothing and other externalities for 93% determine the first impression, only 7% depends on what you say.

The design process for your custom ties is free of charge and the tie design is made in close cooperation with you. This way you will come to a unique and custom made tie as a final result.

Our designers are happy to take up the challenge of creating a suitable design for you. Get in touch for a free design.

Aren’t custom woven logo neckties not many times more expensive than printed ties?

Of course, it is quite easy to check this on the internet. By checking the prices of other suppliers you should be able to conclude that in many cases our custom woven logo ties are even cheaper than printed ties.

Our prices are clear and you will not be confronted with unexpected extra costs during the whole process.

The prices of our custom woven logo neckties.

Our pricing for tailor-made neckties woven in high-quality microfiber.

Quantity (from) and Price per tieEURO           USD            GBP
50 – 99 Custom neckties€ 11,98       $ 13,55         £ 10,80
100 – 199 Custom neckties€ 9,60         $ 10,90         £ 8,65
200 – 299 Custom neckties€ 8,35         $ 9,45           £ 7,55
300 Plus custom neckties€ 7,15         $ 8,10           £ 6,50

Would you like to have your neckties made in 100% silk? For our pricing for silk visit the following page; pricing silk neckties custom made.

Our prices include Free Design and Free Shipping within Europe.

For customers outside of Europe, additional charges may apply for shipping costs. Please contact us.

For us as a traditional necktie manufacturer, printed neckties are a no go. They may only be suitable for a father’s day gift. And the fathers among us know where they end up!

Your decision should not be difficult to go for the quality of custom woven logo neckties instead of printed ties with our competitive affordable prices.

We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your design with you. Feel free to contact us, we will respond to your message within 24 hours.

The best quality custom woven logo neckties with your club logo made in a custom necktie design
We are a Dutch company and have been active since the end of 2013 with the design and production of custom woven logo neckties and bow ties made to order in a personalized design.

We design and manufacture custom logo neckties for companies, (student)associations, military, (sports)clubs, organizations,  government institutions, political parties, fraternities, and societies.

This explains the name of our company, the translation of the Dutch word Das into English is tie or necktie and we are in the historic city of Leiden so, therefore, the Leidsche Das.
Supplier of custom woven logo neckties made in your custom necktie design
About the Leidsche Das

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