Customised ties made by the Leidsche Das.

Customised ties in custom made tie designs for organisations.

Ties made in your own unique design for clubs and organisations, fabric custom weaved in the requested colours and pattern.

The possibilities of adding a logo, text, or crest are numerous. In addition to the standard positions such as at the tip, center position, under the knot, or recurring, other position options are of course possible.

The fabric of your customised ties.

We weave the fabric of your ties in microfiber, but you can also have the fabric woven in 100% silk. Furthermore, you can have the fabric of your custom-designed ties woven in the following weaving options.

Fabric weave options.

  • Flat fabric weave.
  • Vertical weave ribbs.
  • Horizontal weave ribbs.
  • Diagonal parallel weave ribbs.
  • Diagonal perpendicular weave ribbs.

Do you want to order customised ties?

Obviously, you want to know first of all what our pricing is for custom woven ties! You can find our price list for custom-made ties in microfiber and silk at the bottom of this page.

Please note that the following is included in our prices.

  • Tie design service – included in the price.
  • Start-up cost – included in the price.
  • Use of multiple colours – included in the price.
  • Adding text, logo, or recurring logos, stripes, or lines – included in the price.

Creating your own personalized tie design starts by contacting our design department.

Fill out the design request form and upload any image of e.g. a logo and let our designers known what your wishes are about pattern and colours.

Need some inspiration before you fill out the form check out some design options.

Design request form.


    Group / Organisation / Company



    Please let us know your wishes

    Send us your logo, or other images

    Customised ties.

    Our prices for customised ties in microfiber are quoted in Euro, US dollars, and English pounds. Custom-made ties with your crest, logo, or coat of arms. The minimum order quantity for ties in microfiber is 50 ties.
    Prices for customised tiesEuroUS dollarsEnglish poundsHigh-quality microfiber
    50 - 99 Custom ties€ 11,98$ 13,55 £ 10,80Price per tie
    100 - 199 Custom ties€ 9,60$ 10,90£ 8,65Price per tie
    200 - 299 Custom ties€ 8,35$ 9,45£ 7,55Price per tie
    300 Plus custom ties€ 7,15$ 8,10£ 6,50Price per tie

    Customised silk ties.

    Our prices for customised ties in 100% silk are quoted in Euro, US dollars, and English pounds. Custom-made ties with your crest, logo, or coat of arms. The minimum order quantity for ties in 100% silk is 35 ties.
    Prices for customised silk tiesEuroUS dollarsEnglish pounds100% silk
    35 - 64 Custom silk ties€ 24,90$ 28,25£ 22,45Price per silk tie
    65 - 99 Custom silk ties€ 22,65$ 25,70£ 20,50Price per silk tie
    100 - 199 Custom silk ties€ 19,10$ 21,65£ 17,20Price per silk tie
    200 - 299 Custom silk ties€ 17,10$ 19,35£ 15,40Price per silk tie
    300 Plus price on request

    Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your tie design with you.

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