Quality ties made by the Leidsche Das.

Quality Ties custom woven to your specifications

Customized quality ties.

The Leidsche Das is the company to go to in order to have quality ties made in your personalized tie design.

You want to have neckties made for your company or association etc., but during your search for a suitable tie supplier you are confronted with terminology and the different production methods you are not familiar with.

Not to mention the enormous price differences between all suppliers. It won’t be easy to choose the right suppliers for someone who doesn’t have to deal with this on a daily basis.

To clarify this, we explain here what the Leidsche Das does and what the other possibilities are to have ties made so that you are better informed to choose the right supplier for the purpose you need ties for.

Are you looking for quality ties?

Then the question arises which of these different production methods will supply you with quality ties!

We leave this choice to your own judgment.

In short, and to keep it clear, there are 3 ways you can have your personalized ties made.

1 – Have your ties printed/sublimated. With this option, it is possible to order a single tie.

2 – Have your ties embroidered. With this option, it is possible to order a single tie.

3 – Have your ties custom woven. This option has a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Custom-made ties in 100% silk 35 pcs and for neckties in high-quality microfiber 50 pcs.

Option 1 and 2 use prefabricated ties. Neckties are produced in bulk in various standard colors.

With these 2 options, you choose a tie in the available color. The tie will be picked from stock and printed or embroidered with your image or logo.

If you want to have quality ties made, our advice will be to have them custom woven. By having the fabric woven in your personalized design you will get a tie made of the highest quality that fully meets your needs.

Option 3 custom woven quality ties made by the Leidsche Das.

We will design your necktie free of charge and without obligation.

We start from scratch and our own skilled tie designers are first and foremost interested in what your own wishes and ideas are for the design.

Go to the next indicated page where you can fill out the design request form and upload an image or logo.

Contact our free necktie design service.

Upon receipt of your design request, our designers will start the design process. The wishes you have indicated in the design request form will be used to make the first design for you.

As soon as our design department has made an initial design based on your instructions, it will be sent to you for evaluation.

Our prices and production time for custom woven quality ties.

Prices for custom-made ties in the following materials; High-quality microfiber and 100% silk.

The prices for custom-made ties in high-quality microfiber.

Quantity (from) and Price per tieEURO           USD            GBP
50 up to 99 Custom neckties.€ 11,98       $ 13,55         £ 10,80
100 up to 199 Custom neckties.€ 9,60         $ 10,90         £ 8,65
200 up to 299 Custom neckties.€ 8,35         $ 9,45           £ 7,55
300 Plus custom neckties.€ 7,15         $ 8,10           £ 6,50

The prices for custom-made ties in 100% silk.

Quantity (from) and price per tieEURO           USD             GBP
35 up to 64 Custom silk neckties.€ 24,90         $ 28,25        £ 22,45
65 up to 99 Custom silk neckties.€ 22,65         $ 25,70        £ 20,50
100 up to 199 Custom silk neckties.€ 19,10         $ 21,65        £ 17,20
200 up to 299 Custom silk neckties.€ 17,10         $ 19,35        £ 15,40
300 Plus custom silk neckties.Price on request.
Our production time for custom woven quality ties.

After we have received your approval for the tie design, we will send you the final offer. When we have received the payment we will start weaving the fabric for your neckties.

We take great care and attention to every order we receive and produce. Depending on the number of orders in production, we can generally indicate four to eight weeks from the time you place your order with us until your ties are ready for shipment.

If you have any questions you would like to have answered, feel free to contact us.

Quality ties tailor made in your design

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