Red bow ties tailor-made by the Leidsche Das.

Red bow ties tailor-made in your personalized bowtie design, Custom made bow ties

Personalized red bow ties.

Tailor-made red bow ties can be made in your own design as a pre-tied or as a self-tie.

The possibilities for your design for your red bow ties are almost limitless.

You want to have personalized red bow ties made!

Below you will find all relevant information if you want to have bow ties made.

How to contact our bow tie designers?

For creating the bow tie design we have a free bow tie design service.

Fill in the design request form and describe your wishes. On this form, it is also possible to upload an image. Contact web form Bow tie design.

After receipt, our designers get to work and make a first design based on your wishes.

What materials are used to make bow ties?

You can have your bow ties made in high-quality microfiber and in 100% silk.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom bow ties in microfiber and silk?

Microfiber custom bow ties – minimum order quantity of 50 bowties.

100% silk custom bow ties – minimum order quantity of 35 bowties.

Is red the only color you guys make bow ties in?

No, in addition to making red bow ties, we can also make your bowties in any other color(s), design or color pattern you want. We always have more than 300 different colors of yarn in stock.

What are the costs to have custom made bow ties made?

Our prices include the creation of the design and we do not charge you set-up fees.

Our pricing for custom woven bow ties in high-quality microfiber.

Prices custom bow  tiesPrice per Bow tie (pre-tied & self-tie)
Quantity (from)EURO           USD            GBP
50 – 99 Microfiber bow ties€ 11,98        $ 13,55         £ 10,80
100 – 199 Microfiber bow ties€ 9,60          $ 10,90         £ 8,65
200 – 299 Microfiber bow ties€ 8,35          $ 9,45           £ 7,55
300 Plus microfiber bow ties€ 7,15          $ 8,10           £ 6,50

Our pricing for custom woven bow ties in 100% silk.

Prices custom bow  tiesPrice per Bow tie (pre-tied & self-tie)
Quantity (from)EURO              USD           GBP
35 – 64 Silk bow ties€ 23,95           $ 27,15       £ 21,55
65 – 99 Silk bow ties€ 21,70           $ 24,60       £ 19,50
100 – 199 Silk bow ties€ 18,10           $ 20,55       £ 16,25
200 – 299 Silk bow ties€ 16,10           $ 18,25       £ 14,45
300 Plus silk bow tiesPrice on request
What’s the production time for tailor-made bow ties?

After we have received your final approval for the bowtie design, we will send you the definitive quote. As soon as we have received the payment, we will start weaving the fabric for your bow ties.

The delivery time strongly depends on the number of ongoing orders in production at the moment you place your order.

We produce high-quality bow ties and in order to guarantee this quality, we devote all the necessary attention and time to every order.

From the moment you place your order until your bow ties are ready for shipment we can say in general that the production time for your bow ties is between four and eight weeks.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via our contact form.

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