Uniform silk ties and scarves made by the Leidsche Das.

Uniform silk ties, Custom silk ties we made for a hospital in Belgium

Custom woven uniform silk ties.

A hospital in Belgium approached us with the request to create a design for a tie and a scarf.

The client was pretty clear about what they wanted, so creating the design for the tie and scarf went smoothly.

Based on their wishes our in-house tie designers created a number of personalized designs.

It quickly became clear to us which design was their favorite. After we got the green light for the production we started producing their custom-made uniform ties and scarves.

Custom made uniform silk ties and scarves

Custom-made silk scarf.

Would you like to have ties or scarves made for your organization in a personalized design?

We can make your uniform ties and scarves in 100% silk or high-quality microfiber.

How does the design process for your uniform ties work?

You will undoubtedly have some ideas and requirements of your own for the design.

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    Uniform silk ties & uniform ties in microfiber custom made in a personalized tie design

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