Custom woven necktie fabric by the Leidsche Das.

Woven necktie fabric in your personalized necktie design.

De Leidsche Das is a full-service men’s necktie company, specializing in making neckties in custom designs.

Our design department will be happy to assist you with realizing a unique necktie design, matching the look of your company, organization, society, or (sports) club.

Custom woven neckties (striped or in a solid color) with your crest, logo, or coat of arms and or text are made in the pattern, colors, and design you require. Striped neckties in the colors you want, the width of the stripes and lines, and how varied the repeat pattern is.

We can weave the fabric for your custom necktie in 100% silk and the best and most beautiful alternative to silk, high-quality microfiber.

We apply a minimum order quantity as listed below for custom neckties in microfiber and silk.

Custom neckties.Necktie fabric.Order Quantity From.
Woven fabric.High-quality microfiber.50 Neckties.
Woven fabric.100% silk.35 Neckties.

If you would first like a clear picture of the cost and our production time, please visit the custom necktie pricing page.

The weave texture options for your custom necktie fabric.

You can have the necktie fabric woven in different weave textures. In addition to the flat/smooth weave, you can choose to have the fabric weaved with ribbings (in different weave directions) the so-called repp woven necktie.

Which necktie fabric should I choose?

When you hear or read the word microfiber, the first association you probably have is a cleaning cloth and not a necktie!

As silk is often considered as the premium option for neckties and with this we certainly agree. Silk remains the finest material to make neckties with.

The next best choice after silk is microfiber. Microfiber is recommended by us where durability and easy to clean neckties are needed. Like neckties for the hospitality industry, staff neckties, school neckties, etc.

The benefit of microfiber is that it is more affordable than silk. Neckties in microfiber get you a necktie with the same luxurious look/shine and feel like silk with the added benefit of microfiber’s durability and stain resistance.

How to contact our necktie designers?

Fill out the design request form below and let our necktie designers know what your wishes are.

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    We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your custom necktie design with you. Feel free to contact us.

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