Cufflinks design

You want to have cufflinks made for your company, association or club, and you are wondering:

How do I set the Cufflinks design process in motion?

You are looking for cufflinks with logo, engraved cufflinks or you have another idea to personalize your cufflinks or maybe you only have a rough idea on paper.

Provide us with your logo, design, image or coat of arms, and our own design department will create a custom layout for you.

You can upload your image in our contact form. Below is an example of the design process for our cufflinks. From idea, to design, to the final result: the cufflinks.

Below are a few references of our designed and custom made cufflinks.

Once i have ordered, how long will it take before i receive my order?

If the cufflinks design has been approved by you and the invoice is paid, then our atelier starts with the production.

The production process of your cufflinks design takes only two to four weeks for a custom design. After our last quality control we send your order by courier.

We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your cufflinks design with you. Feel free to contact us, we will respond to your message within 24 hours.