Custom cufflinks made-to-order by the Leidsche Das.

We design and create custom cufflinks.

Custom-designed cufflinks for companies and organizations with a crest, logo, or coat of arms.

You can have your personalized cufflinks made in hard or in soft enamel, engraved cufflinks, gold-plated cufflinks, silver-plated cufflinks, or as mirrored cufflinks.

On this page, you will find information about our pricing, minimum order quantity, the cufflinks design process, and our production time.

Minimum order quantity & pricing.

Ordering cufflinks in your personalized cufflinks design is possible from a minimum order quantity of 15 sets.

The prices we charge for personalized cufflinks include the following.

  1. The price includes the creation of the personalized design of the cufflinks.
  2. The price includes the production of the mold.
  3. We do not charge any setup fees.
  4. Price includes a standard cufflink storage box.

The cufflinks sets are delivered in standard packaging as shown at the bottom of this page.

If you would like a more luxurious or personalized packaging please contact us about the possibilities and prices.

  • Price table for custom cufflinks in the currencies Euro, US dollars and English pounds –

Pricing Custom Cufflinks.Currency: Euro, US dollars, English pounds.
Pricing in Euro.Price per set in Euro.
15 up to 29 Cufflinks sets.€ 15,90 
30 up to 49 Cufflink sets.€ 12,90 
50 up to 99 Cufflink sets.€ 10,90 
100 Plus custom cufflink sets.Price on request.
Pricing in US dollars.Price per set in US dollars.
15 up to 29 Cufflink sets.$ 18,10 
30 up to 49 Cufflink sets.$ 14,65
50 up to 99 Cufflink sets.$ 12,40 
100 Plus cufflink sets.Price on request.
Pricing in English pounds.Price per set in English pounds.
15 up to 29 Cufflink sets.£ 14.30
30 up to 49 Cufflink sets.£ 11,60
50 up to 99 Cufflink sets.£ 9,85
100 Plus cufflink sets.Price on request.

The prices listed above apply to most orders of bespoke cufflinks that we manufacture.

In some cases there are additional costs, however, this will only become clear during the cufflinks design process when we know exactly what your requirements are.

Should this occur, you will be informed during the design process.

Examples of those additional costs are using both gold plate and silver plate and for mirrored cufflinks.

Creating your custom cufflinks design.

Whether you have a complete design in mind or just a global idea, our cufflink designers will be happy to guide you through the design process.

For example, if you want to have cufflinks made with your association logo they will probably have to meet certain requirements like the colors.

It is likely that you want your association colors to be reflected in the design of the cufflinks.

If you know what Pantone color codes you use for your house style, please mention them on the design request form.

Do you have absolutely no clue what the color numbers are! Then our cufflinks designers will choose the best matching colors in consultation with you.

If you have a coat of arms, logo or crest, or any other image that you would like to use in the design, please upload it on the request form.

Request form for a personalized cufflinks design.


    Group / Organisation / Company


    Number of customized cufflinks sets

    Please let us know your wishes

    Send us your logo, or other images

    When do we start producing your custom cufflinks?

    The moment we receive your final approval for the design of the cufflinks, we will send you the definitive quotation.

    Upon receipt of your payment, we will start up the production.

    The entire production process for your personalized cufflinks sets takes four weeks.

    Do you have a rush order or did you forget to order on time? Unfortunately, we cannot honor requests to shorten the production time of cufflinks!

    Do you still have questions?

    Feel free to contact our cufflink design department. We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your personalized cufflinks design with you.

    The Leidsche Das is a Dutch company located in the historic city of Leiden in The Netherlands and we design and manufacture cufflinks in personalized designs.

    Do you also want neckties in the same custom design as your personalized cufflinks? Then check out some examples on youtube.

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