British stripe necktie made by the Leidsche Das.

Custom-made to order personalized British stripe necktie.

Custom weaved neckties with stripes in personalized designs with e.g. your logo.

Create your own personalized striped necktie for your company or organization in the colors you want, the width of the stripes and lines, and how varied the repeat pattern is.

Your striped neckties are made in your own design. Whether you want the stripes running from bottom left to top right or from the bottom right to top left, but as well as horizontally.

The so-called British striped necktie with the stripes running from bottom left to the top right or the American striped necktie with the stripes running from bottom right to top left.


Different explanations circulate such as a difference in weaving technique, others say imported fabric in the US was accidentally cut wrong.

The most plausible explanation is that the origin lies in military practices.

Around 1900, the British regiments each had their own motif on their regimental ties, but in each regiment, the stripes ran from the bottom left to the top right.

Did the U.S. Army deliberately choose to distinguish itself from the British Army by choosing a different stripe pattern for its military neckties?

There is a simple explanation for the difference between the stripe directions.

The American soldier would carry his weapon over the right shoulder and the European soldier over the left shoulder making the stripe pattern of the necktie run parallel to the sling.

As is so often the case, this military-style was adopted by civilians in both America and Europe.

Have your custom logo ties made as a British stripe necktie or American.

If you prefer a solid color necktie with your logo please visit our page for custom-made ties in solid colors.

The yarns we use to weave the fabric of your neckties are microfiber and silk.

Our minimum order quantity for custom-made striped neckties.

The minimum order for custom neckties made from microfiber is 50 pieces and for silk 35 pieces.

For information on our prices and production time visit our page necktie pricing.

How to order custom neckties with your logo in a striped pattern?

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