Custom woven microfiber neckties made by the Leidsche Das.

Personalized neckties in microfiber.

We create club neckties, regimental neckties, and corporate neckties which are made to order in a one-off special edition.

Microfiber neckties are woven in your custom-made personalized necktie design. Custom neckties with multicolor stripes or neckties in a solid color. Personalized neckties with a crest, logo, or coat of arms and/or text.

You can have your own woven microfiber neckties made entirely to your own design from a minimum order of 50 pieces.

In this article below in brief what we do and what we don’t do! Furthermore, our prices and delivery time for tailor-made neckties in microfiber.

We start from scratch and weave the fabric of your neckties according to the desired design. After weaving, the fabric is cut to size and then your neckties are hand-made.

Microfiber neckties versus polyester neckties.

The two most common synthetics used for neckties are polyester and microfiber. Polyester is cheaper in price, but also in appearance.

Compared to polyester, microfiber has a luxurious softness and shine closer to that of silk, but will cost less than half the price.

If you want to have neckties made the starting point is the necktie design.

Where other suppliers charge you for creating a personalized design, we can tell you that we have a Free Design Service! Besides our free design service, we also do not charge startup costs or for using multiple colors or for adding i.e. a logo stripes or lines.

You can contact our design department and you will be linked to one of our designers with whom you can discuss your wishes and ideas.

During the design process for your custom neckties, you have the following choices, the color(s) of the yarn used, your own custom pattern, the weaving structure (smooth/flat or repp weave) of the fabric, and the position(s) of your logo, image, and/or text.

Have a look at some examples of neckties in a custom design here.

The pricing of custom-made microfiber neckties.

Custom Microfiber Necktie Pricing.Currency; Euro, US dollars, English pounds.
Custom Microfiber Necktie EUR Pricing.Price per necktie in Euro.
50 – 99 pcs.€ 11,98 
100 – 199 pcs.€ 9,60 
200 – 299 pcs.€ 8,35
300 Plus pcs.€ 7,15 
Custom Microfiber Necktie USA Pricing.Price per necktie in US dollars.
50 – 99 pcs.$ 13,55
100 – 199 pcs.$ 10,90
200 – 299 pcs.$ 9,45
300 Plus pcs.$ 8,10
Custom Microfiber Necktie UK Pricing.Price per necktie in English pounds.
50 – 99 pcs.£ 10,80
100 – 199 pcs.£ 8,65
200 – 299 pcs.£ 7,55
300 Plus pcs.£ 6,50

If you prefer custom silk neckties, please refer to the custom silk neckties page for price and minimum order quantity information.

The production time.

We will send you the definitive quotation at the moment we received your final approval for the necktie design.

Upon receipt of your payment, we will start weaving the fabric for your neckties.

Take into account a delivery time of 8 weeks after you have placed your order.

We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your personalized necktie design with you. Feel free to contact us.

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