Necktie tailor made by the Leidsche Das.

Personalized necktie tailor made.

Regimental, club, and company neckties are what we create to order in a custom-made necktie design.

Custom weaved neckties in a stripe pattern or in a single color with a crest, logo, or coat of arms.

The materials we use to weave the fabric are 100% silk and high-quality microfiber.

For both materials, we have a minimum order quantity which is for silk 35 pieces and for microfiber 50 pieces.

In those sectors where durability and easy-to-clean neckties are needed, we recommend choosing microfiber.

For information on our pricing, we refer to the page custom necktie pricing.

How to get in touch with our necktie designers?

Contact our design department directly by filling out the design request form at the bottom of this page.

We do not work with the standard necktie templates. The design possibilities for your necktie design are extensive we could say almost unlimited.

The weave texture of the fabric of your tailor made necktie.

In addition to the flat/smooth weave, the fabric (silk or microfiber) can be woven in several different weaves

Other weave options are vertical weave ribs, horizontal weave ribs, diagonal parallel weave ribs, and diagonal perpendicular weave ribs.

Necktie color(s).

Chances are, you will want your company’s or club’s corporate colors reflected in the necktie design.

Are the Pantone color numbers known to you? If so, please mention them in the design request form.
No clue what the color numbers are! Then our necktie designers will choose the best matching colors in consultation with you.

Neckties with for example your crest, logo, or coat of arms and/or text.

For example, if you want to add a logo to the design, you can upload it on the request form. The image can be placed at any position you wish whether you want a single logo or repeating logos.

Striped or a solid color necktie tailor made.

The stripe pattern and width are customizable, and so are the colors. As also the stripes direction such as stripes running from bottom left to top right or from the bottom right to top left.

Need inspiration, check out some necktie design ideas.

Necktie design request form.


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    We will be happy to discuss the many possibilities for your personalized necktie design with you. Feel free to contact us.

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